Our nation’s healthcare system is the envy of the world. American medicine is the most advanced in terms of technological development and, as the last couple years have shown, America’s healthcare workers are among the most compassionate and dedicated. We need to ensure all Americans have access to healthcare. Congress must act to ensure we are educating the next generation of physicians and nurses to ensure there are no shortages in healthcare providers.

I oppose all vaccine mandates and pandemic restrictions, such as required masking and social distancing. No child should ever be forcibly masked in the classroom and no worker should ever be fired because of his vaccination status. I proudly support the Congressional effort to end the President’s COVID-19 National State of Emergency and get our country back to pre-pandemic normalcy.

I support a robust private health insurance market with options to suit all Americans. I support developing stronger domestic manufacturing of medical device and believe that the delivery of vital medicines to Michiganders should never be vulnerable to global supply chain interruptions. I support the expansion of telemedicine and the retention of recent regulatory changes that make it easier for Americans to see a doctor in their homes.

What I'm Doing About Health Care