Congresswoman Lisa McClain submitted the following funding requests on behalf of her constituents and her district for the FY 2024

** The Requests Below Are in Alphabetical Order


Interior and Agriculture Requests

Project: Brabb-Dewey Sanitary Sewer Extension
Requester: Charter Township of Oxford
Address: 300 Dunlap Road, Oxford, MI 48371
Funding Request: $2,061,062
Description: To install 4,300 feet of 8-inch PVC sewer pipe beneath the Brabb-Dewey subdivision's four public streets - Brabb, Dewey, Ora and Roy - in order to connect single-family homes to the public sanitary sewer system.
Letter: Brabb-Dewey Sewer | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (


Project: Bryson Lake Sewer Extension
Requester: Charter Township of East China     
Address: 5111 River Road, East China Township, MI 48054
Funding Request: $920,550
Description: Extension of the sanitary sewer to be served by the main interceptor sewer and treated at the township regional wastewater treatment plant.
Letter: Bryson Lake Sewer Extension | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (


Project: Burtchville Waterline Extension
Requester: Burtchville Township
Address: 4000 Burtch Road, Burtchville, MI 48059
Funding Request: $2,827,616
Description: To design and construct an expansion of water distribution system to provide potable water to over 3 miles of potable water via waterlines, hydrants, watermains and related infrastructure.
Letter: Burtchville Waterline Extension | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (

Project: Chesterfield Interceptor
Requester: Charter Township of Chesterfield
Address: 47275 Sugarbush Rd, Chesterfield, MI 48047
Funding Request: $9,221,432
Description: Replacement and construction of new interceptor.
Letter: Chesterfield Interceptor | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (

Project: Clay-Ira Water System Interconnect
Requester: Clay Township
Address: 4710 Pointe Tremble Road, Clay Township, MI 48001
Funding Request: $1,065,500
Description: To provide a new meter pit to record water usage to/from Clay Township and the interconnecting pipework 4,100 feet in Clay Township, along M-29, to be upgraded from 8-inch diameter to 12-inch diameter to increase the fire flow, water quality and pressure to this area.
Letter: Clay-Ira Water System | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (


Project: Giddings/Silverbell Road Public Sewer Separation
Requester: Charter Township of Orion
Address: 2323 Joslyn Road, Lake Orion, MI 48360
Funding Request: $988,800
Description: To redirect the flow of stormwater along a large portion of Brown Road, as part of the larger Brown/Giddings/Silverbell Corridor reconstruction project. Currently, stormwater flows from Brown Road into the General Motors Orion Assembly Plant site and through their detention pond. This project will disconnect that connection and route the stormwater through an off-site system on the west side of Giddings Road. When a hazardous spill occurs on Brown Road, of from a property that connects to Brown Road.
Letter: Giddings-Silverbell Rd. | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (


Project: Middle-Branch Floodplain Reconnector
Requester: Macomb County Public Works – Candice Miller
Address: 21777 Dunham Road, Clinton Township, MI 48036
Funding Request: $2,800,000
Description: To reconnect floodplain, improve flood flow conveyance, and restore habitat in the Middle Branch of the Clinton River between 21 Mile Road and 25 Mile Road. The project will improve flood flow conveyance, bank stability and habitat along a four- and one-half mile section of the Middle Branch of the Clinton River upstream of 21 Mile Road. Actions will include channel morphology enhancements, including creation of riffle-pool sequences, woody debris management, bank stabilization and multi-stage channel development to create a functioning stormwater conveyance system, reducing the risk of catastrophic flooding. Funding will be used to treat invasive species, plant native vegetation, stabilize eroding streambanks to reduce sedimentation, and create diverse in-stream, wetland, and upland habitats. Completion of the project will contribute to the removal of two Beneficial Use Impairments in the Clinton River Area of Concern: (1) Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat and (2) Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Populations.
Letter: Middle Branch Clinton River | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (


Project: Police and Fire Public Safety Complex
Requester: City of Vassar
Address: 287 E Huron Avenue, Vassar, MI 48768
Funding Request: $6,000,000
Description: Expansion and upgrade to accommodate both the fire and police departments with all equipment.
Letter: Vassar Police and Fire Station | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (

Project: Sanitary Sewer Pump Stations Improvement Project
Requester: Village of Lake Orion
Address: 21 E. Church St., Lake Orion, MI 48362
Funding Request: $5,823,760
Description: Replacement of four centrifugal and twelve ejector style pumps, the rehabilitation and upgrade of the sixteen pump station structures, and improvements to the highest priority sanitary sewer gravity mains. The ejector station upgrades will involve new ejector pumping equipment, sewage receiver pots, air compressors, motors, and air manifolds; new isolation plug valves, check valves, piping, and pipe fittings; and new air storage tanks. The centrifugal station upgrades will involve new centrifugal pumps and new isolation plug valves, check valves, and pipe fittings. Upgrades to all stations will include new ventilation blowers, new level transducers, electrical improvements, new control panels, controls integration with the recently upgraded WRC SCADA system, new sump pumps and appurtenances, lighting upgrades, corrosion protection, and new epoxy coatings on floors.
Letter: Orion Sanitary Sewer Pump Station | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (


Project: Sewer Extension and Water Main Replacement
Requester: Village of Peck
Address: 30 E Lapeer Street, Peck, MI 48466
Funding Request: $762,000
Description: To add a water main connection that would run east from S Sandusky Road along Pavilion Drive and connect to the main at the corner of Pavilion Dr. and Elk St. This connection will create a loop in the system. 
Letter: Peck Sewer Extension | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (

Project: Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
Requester: City of Richmond
Address: 36725 Division Road, Richmond, MI 48062
Funding Request: $2,185,112
Description: Installation of a bio-solid sludge press and replacement of three raw sewage screw pumps.
Letter: Richmond Water Plant | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (

Transportation Requests

Project: Bridge Replacement – Kuhl Road over Shebeon Drain
Requester: Huron County Road Commission
Address: Kuhl Road, Fairhaven Township, West of M-25
Funding Request: $1,603,000
Description: The replacement of the Kuhl Road bridge over Shebeon Drain will replace the current structure in poor condition that is currently load posted, restricting commercial and agricultural traffic. This road has a moderate amount of traffic and is considered a County Primary Road and replacement of the structure will help improve the overall bridge condition network in Huron County.
Letter: Kuhl Road | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (
Project: Dunlap Road Construction
Requester: Oakland County Road Commission
Address: Dunlap Rd from south of Westlake Avenue to M-24 (Lapeer Road), Oxford, MI 48371
Funding Request: $3,000,000
Description: To pave the gravel portion of Dunlap Road from South of Westlake Avenue to M-24 (Lapeer Road).
Letter: Dunlap Road | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (
Project: Jefferson/Barnes Road Reconstruction
Requester: Lapeer County Road Commission
Address: 820 Davis Lake Road, Lapeer, MI 48446
Funding Request: $5,591,280
Description: To crush and shape Jefferson Road from North Branch village limits to Clifford Road, Clifford Road from Jefferson Road to the Clifford village limits and Barnes Road from Jefferson Road to M-53.
Letter: Jefferson/Barnes Road | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (
Project: Main Street Streetscape
Requester: Village of Capac
Address: 131 North Main Street, Capac, MI 48014
Funding Request: $3,445,933
Description: Reconstruction of Main Street including sidewalks, street paving and underground infrastructure.
Letter: Main Street Streetscape | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (

FY23 Community Funded Projects: FY23 Community Funded Projects | Congresswoman Lisa McClain (