Congresswoman Lisa McClain submitted the following funding requests on behalf of her constituents and her district for the FY 2023

** The Requests Below Are in Alphabetical Order

Project: 21 Mile Road Bridge

Requester: Macomb Township

Address: 54111 Broughton Rd, Macomb, MI 48042

Funding Request: $1,616,800

Description: Funds for the replacement of the bridge over the Gloede Drain. Due to the condition of the existing bridge structure and the Township’s need to provide safe pedestrian access, we believe replacing the bridge to serve all users is in the best interest of the public while delivering the greatest value to residents, drivers and our community.


Project: 33 Mile Road & McVicar Water Main Connection

Requester: Bruce Township

Address: 223 Gates Street, Bruce Township, MI 48065

Funding Request: $1,600,000

Description: To fund a public watermain connection into residential areas west of M-53 divided highway. Bruce Township’s Industrial corridor along 33 Mile Road does not have a public watermain connection into the residential areas west of M-53 divided highway. The lack of this connection results in 2 isolated systems with no connectivity. The lack of connectivity results in a potential threat to the public health, safety and welfare of both the residential and industrial areas. Having connectivity, or a looped system, provides redundancy which allows for an alternate source of supply in the event of water main breaks and emergency. This connectivity will also improve available pressures within the system providing better fire protection and a substantially more reliable water distribution system. 


Project: Emergency Operations Center / Police and Fire Training Facility

Requester: Charter Township of Shelby

Address: 52700 Van Dyke Avenue, Shelby Township, MI 48316

Funding Request: $9,000,000

Description: To fund the construction of a dual-use police and fire command center. Emergency Operations Center the facility would be utilized for training for Township Police and Fire Department personnel along with police and fire staff from surrounding communities, such as Utica and Washington Township. Further, this facility would provide community notifications, public information, valuable news and other valuable information to Shelby Township and the surrounding areas during times of emergency. This is an essential dual-use facility will keep the residents of Shelby Township and Northern Macomb County informed and well served during normal times and in times of emergency.


Project: Fire Station Rebuild

Requester: Ray Township

Address: 20301 29 Mile Road, Ray, MI 48096

Funding Request: $750,000

Description: Funds to improve and expand the township fire station located at 29 Mile and Wolcott Rds. by repairing the leaking roof and improving energy efficiency. This project would not only help to serve Ray residents, but also serve the surrounding communities through mutual aid.


Project: Genesee Avenue Bridge Replacement

Requester: City of Lapeer

Address: 576 Liberty Street, Lapeer, MI 48879

Funding Request: $3,402,400

Description: Funds for replacement of bridge structure. This structure is a main link to business and commercial areas while also connecting communities. It is a major link to business, manufacturing, services, and community events downtown. The average daily traffic is 14,624 with 10% attributable to truck traffic.


Project: King Road Bridge Replacement

Requester: St. Clair County Road Commission

Address: 21 Airport Drive, St. Clair, MI 48079

Funding Request: $1,000,000

Description: Funds for replacement of the King Road bridge over Belle River in China Township. Replacement of the King Road Bridge over the Belle River in China Township will prevent a load posting restriction and extend the life of the existing bridge foundation an additional 50 years. A new pre-stressed concrete or galvanized steel superstructure with a concrete deck will be utilized. This will allow normal loading of commercial traffic to continue to service the region. King Road is a major connector between Marine City to the south and the City of St. Clair to the north. Just north of the King Road Bridge is a main gate entrance to the DTE Belle River Energy Center, a major electrical production facility. Marine City has two deep water port facilities with commercial truck traffic using King Road as a northerly route to move materials to/from these ports. King Road is also the alternate route for commercial traffic when Marine City Highway (the other commercial route from Marine City) is closed for construction or emergency situations.


Project: M-19 Water Main Replacement

Requester: City of Richmond

Address: 36725 Division Road, Richmond, MI 48062

Funding Request: $943,000

Description: Funds for the replacement of the water main under M-19 section of road, which has a history of breaks. The section of water main from Division Road to the CN railroad tracks has the highest history of breaks.  Replacing this section is most beneficial to both those customers served by the line, but also the water system as a whole. 


Project: M-29 Water Main Replacement Project

Requester: Clay Township

Address: 4710 Pointe Tremble Road, Clay, MI 48001

Funding Request: $2,500,000

Description: Funds for the replacement of the water main for more than 5,570 households and approximately 9,550 people including Harsens Island. The existing water main is over 85 years old and is the location of 80% of our water main breaks in our system. This vital project would be a valuable use of taxpayer money because replacing the aging infrastructure will improve drinking water quality, pressure, fire protection, and reliability. The project also calls for a second supply feed to Harsens Island. This would provide improved water pressure throughout the whole system plus improve water quality with better water circulation.


Project: Maurice DeMuynck Anchor Bay Pump Station Repair

Requester: Chesterfield Township

Address: 47275 Sugarbush Road, Chesterfield, MI 48047

Funding Request: $4,000,000

Description: To fund needed repairs to the stormwater pump station. The station does not currently have a reliable pump in service to operate at required levels for providing service to the area. The funding will be used to make the necessary repairs to the critical pump station assets with a goal of restoring the station back to an acceptable level of service and reduce the risk of flooding the residential homes connected to the system.


Project: Maywood Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Rehabilitation

Requester: Port Huron Township

Address: 3800 Lapeer Road, Port Huron Township, MI 48060

Funding Request: $1,450,000

Description: Funds for the rehabilitation of the sewer pump station facilities. The Maywood Pump Station is aging, and as pneumatic ejector style stations are becoming obsolete, a major concern with this facility is the availability of replacement parts. Rehabilitation of the Maywood Pump Station will reduce the potential for everyday equipment failures due to age thereby better protecting the community and environment. Equipment failures could lead to sewer backups into residents’ homes and businesses as well as direct discharge of untreated sewage into the natural environment. Additionally, pneumatic ejector style pump stations require personnel to enter the ‘can’. There is limited workspace and at the Maywood Pump Station, personnel need to descend approximately 20’ below ground into a confined space. Submersible pump stations are much safer as the majority of maintenance can be done from the ground level eliminating confined space entry.


Project: Renovations for Yale VA Clinic in McLaren’s Yale Community Health Center

Requester: McLaren Hospital-Port Huron

Address: 1221 Pine Grove Avenue, Port Huron, MI 48060

Funding Request: $400,000

Description: Funds to install a generator and other upgrades to ensure veterans have access to the critical health care services. The clinic serves more than 4,000 veterans in St. Clair, Sanilac, Tuscola, Huron and Lapeer counties. The area is home to nearly 25,000 veterans. The next closest VA Clinic is more than 60 miles away. Installing a generator and other upgrades would ensure veterans have access to the critical health care services they rely on from the Yale VA Clinic. The clinic is located in a rural community (population 1,955) where power outages are not uncommon. In 2019, the Community Health Center was out of power for at least four different days, which resulted in the cancellation of 40 appointments each day. In addition, vaccine supplies needed to be moved to another location for refrigeration and safe storage. The estimated cost to McLaren Port Huron for each power outage was $8,000/day. In addition, renovations are needed to improve the overall patient experience for veterans. The Community Health Center was built in 1999 and has not been renovated since; it needs new flooring, paint and basic renovations to bring it up to current standards.


Project: Sanitary Sewer Interceptor

Requester: City of New Baltimore

Address: 36535 Green Street, New Baltimore, MI 48047

Funding Request: $798,000

Description: Funds for extensive cleaning and debris removal of the interceptor sewer and influent well chamber. A major portion of this sewer is located along the bank of the Crapaud Creek within residential rear yards, with limited access, creating major challenges for inspection, operation, maintenance, and rehabilitation. This sewer was installed in the late 1970’s and has never been cleaned.


Project: Trash Capture and Sediment Control

Requester: Macomb County Public Works

Address: 21777 Dunham Road, Clinton Township, MI 48036

Funding Request: $1,600,000

Description: Funds for establishing trash capture and sediment control for urban watersheds affecting water quality in Lake St. Clair. Lake St. Clair is very popular with boaters and other water recreation enthusiasts throughout the Great Lakes region. Fisherman from across the globe have travelled to Lake St. Clair for some of the best freshwater fishing in the world. Capturing trash is one thing we can do to improve the lake instead of letting the litter disburse into the lake where it unfortunately could wash up on shores, harm fish and other wildlife, and hurt water quality in the lake that is the source of drinking water for millions of people in the region.


Project: Water Tower/Booster Station

Requester: City of St. Clair

Address: 547 North Carney Drive, St. Clair, MI 48079.

Funding Request: $1,000,000

Description: Funds to construct a new water tower and booster station to meet the needs of the industrial developments. The proposed water tower and booster pump station will greatly increase water pressures throughout our service area, especially addressing areas where firefighting concerns are an issue. These improvements are necessary to meet the needs of new industrial development and fire flow protection requirements, as well as provide adequate pressure throughout the water distribution system.


Project: W-E St. Clair Road Reconstruction / Water Main and Sewer Replacement

Requester: Village of Almont

Address: 817 North Main Street, Almont, Michigan 48003

Funding Request: $3,950,800

Description: Funds for water and sewer lines under the W/E St. Clair Road and road reconstruction. This project would provide enhanced water pressure to residents and resolve sewer issues. This major E-W corridor funnels traffic through downtown and is critical to businesses.