For the 118th Congress, Congresswoman Lisa McClain serves on the the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, House Armed Services Committee, the Committee on Education and The Workforce, and the House Budget Committee. She also serves as Secretary of the House Republican Conference.

Committee on Oversight and Accountability

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability works to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the federal government and all its agencies.

Congresswoman McClain serves as the Chair of the Subcommittee on Health Care and Financial Services and is committed to exposing waste, fraud, and abuse in our government by conducting vigorous investigations that are aimed at bringing the truth to light.

House Armed Services Committee

The House Armed Services Committee is responsible for our national defense policy. As a member, Congresswoman McClain strongly advocates for strengthening America’s national security and supporting Michigan veterans, soldiers, and military families.

Committee on Education and the Workforce

The House Committee on Education and The Workforce oversees programs that affect all Americans, from early learning and higher education to job training and retirement security. On the Committee, Congresswoman McClain champions policies that empower both parents and students. She also advocates for small businesses in Michigan that are being crushed by overbearing labor regulations.

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is responsible for one of Congress’ most important duties, the power of the purse. Congresswoman McClain is a champion of smart fiscal policy and is using her role on the committee to keep America’s spending under control.


Congresswoman McClain has joined the following caucuses:

  • Republican Study Committee
  • Rural Broadband Caucus
  • Congressional Sportsman Caucus
  • Great Lakes Task Force
  • National Guard Caucus
  • School Choice Caucus
  • Pro-Life Caucus
  • Border Security Caucus
  • General Aviation Caucus
  • Taiwan Caucus
  • Value Action Team
  • Columbia Caucus
  • Career and Technical Education Caucus
  • Entrepreneurship Caucus
  • 5G Caucus
  • Suburban Caucus
  • Albanian Caucus
  • Direct Selling Caucus
  • Bipartisan Addiction and Mental Health Task Force
  • Steel Caucus
  • Election Integrity Caucus
  • Congressional Macedonian Caucus
  • Friends of Australia Caucus
  • Special Operations Forces Caucus
  • U.S. - Lebanon Friendship Caucus
  • Direct Sellers Caucus
  • Czech Caucus
  • What Works Caucus
  • USO Congressional Caucus
Congresswoman McClain is also the proud Co-Chair of the Albanian Issues Caucus.