WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Congresswoman Lisa McClain (R-MI) announced that her guest for the 2023 State of the Union address will be women’s sports defender Riley Gaines.

“Riley Gaines is a courageous and inspirational woman that dared to speak out against the tyranny of wokeism,” said Rep. McClain. “She has stood up for women’s rights and the protection of fair and equal playing fields in sports even though she was hounded in the media. I am honored Riley will be my guest at the State of the Union, and I am eager to work with her moving forward to protect the values that make the United States the greatest country in the world.”

“I couldn't be more excited to attend the State of the Union address alongside Representative McClain. Not only is she an amazing leader and congresswoman, she has been an integral part in protecting women's sports on the basis of sex. She truly knows the value of female-only spaces and how sports empowers young girls. She will relentlessly fight until the war on women is won. Thank you, Representative McClain!”- Riley Gaines, Spokeswoman for IWF Stand With Women.

Riley Gaines is a female competitive swimmer who spoke out after swimming against Lia Thomas, a biological male, at the NCAA Championships. Rep. McClain met Riley Gaines at Speaker McCarthy's National Girls and Women’s Sports Day event, where both women spoke about the importance of protecting female sports from biological males.

Each year, Members of Congress are permitted one guest to attend the State of the Union, which takes place Tuesday, February 7th.