WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Congresswoman Lisa McClain (R-MI) introduced the STOP CCP Act along with Rep. Panetta (D-CA), Rep. Buchanan (R-FL), and Rep. Pappas (D-NH). This legislation would require financial and visa sanctions on members of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. The STOP CCP Act also states that the CCP and General Secretary Xi Jinping have committed numerous human rights violations, including genocide.

“The Chinese Communist Party is hellbent on becoming the world’s number one superpower, and they will stop at nothing to make that happen,” said Rep. McClain. “We know that leader Xi Jinping and his commie cronies have committed horrific human rights crimes and are actively working against the interests of the United States and the free world. It’s time we take strong action and issue financial and visa sanctions on Xi and the members of China’s Central Committee. Come hell or high water, the U.S. must not give way to the CCP.”

“The Chinese Communist Party and its leader Xi Jinping are responsible for numerous human rights abuses including the inhumane treatment of the Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region and the undermining of democracy in Hong Kong and Taiwan,” said Rep. Panetta.  “Our bipartisan legislation would hold President Xi and his inner circle accountable through sanctions for these malign actions.  As the world’s leading democracy, we must continue to defend human rights and the self-determination of people around the globe.”

“The Chinese Communist Party is one of the greatest threats to the United States and our way of life,” said Buchanan. “With the goal of actively undercutting our nation’s standing on the world stage, the CCP has committed countless crimes and human rights violations. As the world’s beacon of democracy, the United States must not only condemn the actions of the CCP, but also actively stand up to Xi Jingping and his cronies.”

“The Chinese Communist Party must be held accountable for the state-sponsored genocide of Uyghur Muslims and its longstanding, horrific human rights violations," said Congressman Pappas. “Sanctioning the most trusted members of President Xi’s inner circle sends a strong message that the United States condemns these atrocities and continues to stand alongside our democratic allies in the region.”


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been a growing threat to not only the United States, but the rest of the world for the past several years. Chinese dictator, Xi Jinping, and the CCP have been trying to turn the People’s Republic of China into the dominant world superpower. They have used financial incentives, political intimidation, human rights atrocities and military might to achieve their ultimate goal of global supremacy.

The United States must take the necessary steps to protect our vital interests, defend our allies and ensure the CCP’s horrendous human rights abuses are stopped once and for all. Xi Jinping and the Central Committee of the CCP have not only been orchestrating some of the most horrendous human rights atrocities this world has ever seen against the Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region of China, but they have also been attempting to usurp and ultimately destroy democracies in the region. President Xi and his Central Committee’s toppling of Hong Kong’s Democracy in 2020 has opened the door for Xi to accomplish one of his biggest dreams, the ultimate takeover of Taiwan.