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Town Hall in Milford


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of answering questions and discussing my work in Congress at a town hall I hosted in Milford. I am grateful to everyone who was able to attend yesterday, and I look forward to future opportunities to build constructive conversations and discuss new ways to hold our government accountable. In the meantime, if you have any questions or priorities, you want me to know about, please feel free to reach out to my district office. 

Protecting Innocent Lives


Harvesting and selling fetal tissue from abortions is a disgusting practice that must be stopped. With modern advancements in medicine, it makes no sense to source this material from innocent lives.

If passed, my Safe RESEARCH Act would prohibit the sale of fetal tissue from an abortion. This method of research is outdated and unnecessary. While my fight for this legislation was stonewalled by Pelosi’s leadership in the 117th Congress, I am confident the GOP majority can take this meaningful step to protect innocent unborn babies.

Expanding America's National Cemetery Act


Recently, I led a bipartisan effort to expand America’s National Cemetery. Arlington National Cemetery is close to reaching capacity, and as space for burials continues to decrease, it is important to ensure we keep our promise to American veterans who have earned full military honors and a distinct resting place.

I am proud to introduce legislation to ensure our veterans and future service members are honored with the full respect they deserve. Our men and women in uniform should know how much their sacrifices mean to our country, and expanding America’s National Cemetery is one way we can show them.

Protecting Women's Sports


This week, Title IX was put to the test across the country. In Texas, a transgender woman who had previously competed in the men’s division won the women’s NCAA national track & field title. In Massachusetts, a high school student who is a biological male won the female state championship in track & field. The girls he competed against protested his inclusion in the race, but his message to the girls that he beat was that they should “just deal with it.”

Women and girls nationwide deserve Title IX to be upheld completely. Democrats are pushing for policies that base sex-specific sports on “gender identity” rather than biology—this policy puts our daughters at risk. Forcing young women to compete against men, who are at a physical advantage, is just plain wrong. Studies have proven that the biological advantages given to a male at birth cannot be diminished with hormone therapy. So, to continue to deny these facts and push policies that allow men to compete in women’s sports is to deny science. Rest assured. I will continue championing policies that protect our daughters and the sanctity of women’s sports. 

Photos of the Week


The agriculture industry in Michigan is vital to the well-being of our nation! It was great to meet with my Agriculture Council and discuss their upcoming priorities for the Farm Bill. We also talked about Biden’s Waters of the United States (WOTUS) policy and how this land grab could negatively impact the farms in the thumb.

Yesterday, I spent time with students at Oakland University. We discussed public service, Congress, and the future of this county. Seeing our young people engaging in the political process is always so encouraging. 

Thank you all for participating in the democratic process. Enjoy your weekend, and happy St. Patrick's day.


Lisa McClain
Member of Congress