WASHINGTON, D.C.- Today, Congresswoman Lisa McClain (R-Mich.) held a joint press conference with other members of the House to urge Congress to limit the funds available for the implementation of the EPA’s electric vehicle mandate. This rule, proposed by the EPA would require that over two-thirds of all vehicles sold in the United States be electric by the year 2032.

“Mandating American automakers to produce EVs when the market is not ready for it is ridiculous, and the impact on our economic future will be devastating,” said Rep. Lisa McClain. “Not only would this move strip American consumers of their choice in the market, but it would make Americans rely upon the Chinese battery industry, further empowering the CCP. This draconian mandate coming from the Biden administration is just plain dumb.”

In a time when China is doing everything in its power to overtake the United States on the world stage, giving them a manufacturing gift like this would be devastating. The EPA should be in no position to force electric vehicles onto the nation in their attempt to cripple the combustion engine and its adjacent industries. America is a nation where consumer choice must remain free, and our government should never give China a golden ticket to have a controlling stake in our auto industry.

Watch the press conference here.