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Protecting American Families from an Inflated IRS


For far too long, Democrats have been able to go on an unchecked spending spree, costing taxpayers trillions of dollars. A prime example is the $80 billion the IRS received to double the number of IRS agents. It was estimated that this would lead to 710,000 more audits on middle- and low-income American families.

House Republicans know that an accountable government isn’t a bloated one empowered to harass taxpayers. That is why the very first bill we passed in the 118th Congress was the Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act, which would defund those 87,000 IRS agents. As inflation ravages the country, I know that the last thing Michigan families need is to be targeted for IRS audits. I’m proud to have voted yes on this legislation, and I look forward to continuing working for you and fighting for a better America.

Getting Tough on China


On Tuesday, the House overwhelmingly voted to establish a Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party. China is a big threat on three major fronts: educationally, militarily, and economically. It is past time that we understand the urgency of this threat and work to address it. We also need to seriously address the origins of the COVID-19 virus and its connections to China. It’s time, once again, for us to get tough on China.

Securing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve


Along with the Select Committee on China, House Republicans took action to protect our domestic energy supply from the CCP. When President Biden sold off our Strategic Petroleum Reserve oil to China’s state-controlled energy companies, he hurt our ability to respond to an emergency and threatened our national security.

Yesterday, we passed a bi-partisan bill called the Protecting America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve from China Act so Joe Biden can never commit such a dangerous act again.

Protecting the Right to Life


Babies born alive should always be protected. I can’t even comprehend why Democrats would find that statement controversial. But for the past two years, they have blocked the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act from ever coming to the floor for a vote. This changed during the first week of the Republican majority.

On Wednesday, we passed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, ensuring that all infants born alive after an attempted abortion receive the same lifesaving medical care that any other baby would receive. All life is sacred, and I was proud to vote yes to protect the fundamental Right to Life.

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a true American hero who showed tremendous courage in ensuring that all people were treated equally and given the same opportunity. He is best remembered for his “I Have a Dream” speech where he outlined his vision for a better tomorrow. Today, the words he shared with us still have a profound meaning. We must continue to strive for a country where a child in any neighborhood can pursue every opportunity and where we are all seen as God’s children. I hope you all will join me in celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. King.

Thank you for your participation in the democratic process, enjoy your holiday weekend. 


Lisa McClain
Member of Congress