SANILAC COUNTY, MI. – Today, Congresswoman Lisa McClain (R-MI) announced the creation of an Agriculture Advisory Council, a group of experienced farmers who will serve as the Congresswoman’s trusted voices for issues impacting the agriculture community in Michigan’s 10th Congressional District.

“Agriculture is a major industry in Michigan’s thumb, and there’s no one that knows the issues our farmers are dealing with day to day better than the farmers,” said Rep. McClain. “I look forward to routinely meeting with my new Agriculture Advisory Council to stay in tune with the issues impacting our farmers to ensure they are represented well in Washington.”

The Agriculture Advisory Council will consist of the following members: Clint Hagen, Carl (CJ) Bednarski, Mike Noll, Rita Herford, Kip Siegler, Larry Decock, Matt Frostic and Charlie Lewis.

Clint Hagen grows sugar beets, navy beans and white wheat at his farm in Huron County.

Carl (CJ) Bednarski resides in Tuscola County, where he grows sugar beets, dry beans, white wheat and corn.

Mike Noll is a farmer in Sanilac County who grows dry beans, soybeans, corn, white wheat, alfalfa and sugar beets. He also raises dairy cows and has a feedlot.

Rita Herford grows sugar beets, dry edible beans, wheat, corn and rye on her farm in Huron County.

Kip Siegler specializes in dairy. He also grows hay, corn, wheat and soybeans at his farm in Lapeer County.

Matt Frostic lives in Sanilac County where he raises beef cattle and also grows sugar beets, corn, soybeans and dry beans.

Larry Decock runs a specialty greenhouse and melon farm in Macomb County.

Charlie Lewis is a fifth-generation farmer in St. Clair County. He grows corn, soybeans, sugar beets, wheat and also raises beef cattle.

Rep. McClain looks forward to working with these farmers on agriculture issues in the coming months.