WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Congresswoman Lisa McClain (R-MI) introduced the Anti-CCP Espionage via Social Media (ACES) to counter the national security threat posed by the Chinese platform TikTok. This bill forces TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, to divest all its assets in America.

“The CCP is hellbent on global domination, and they are using TikTok as a means of spying on Americans and stealing our data in order to infiltrate and manipulate our country” said Rep. McClain. “That’s why I am introducing the ACES Act to cripple TikTok and protect Americans from this blatant undermining attempt. We have the proof that TikTok is a super-spy machine for China, and we simply cannot allow it to operate here in the United States. Enough is enough.”


Cosponsors include: Rep. Babin (R - TX), Baird (R - IN), Bergman (R- MI), (Fallon R – TX), Higgins (R – LA), Miller (R – IL), and Norman (R – SC).

This bill:

  • Requires ByteDance to divest itself of any TikTok assets within 90 days of enactment.
  • Requires that ByteDance destroy all data and certify in writing to CFIUS.
  • Allows CFIUS to approve a sale of TikTok.
  • Requires the U.S. Secretary of State and the Attorney General to submit a report to Congress on the efforts by the People’s Republic of China and CCP to utilize mobile applications to perform espionage on U.S. citizens and how they plan to counter these efforts.