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Congresswoman Lisa McClain Speaks on the House Floor to Call Out the Democrats' Double Standards

June 15, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Lisa McClain (R-MI) spoke on the House floor about the Democrats’ double standards and how Speaker Pelosi refuses to hold members of her own conference accountable for anti-Semitic, anti-American rhetoric. 

Rep. McClain repeatedly calls out the hypocrisy and double standards in the House. In April, she delivered a floor speech on this issue and Pelosi responded, calling her “that woman.”

For video of today’s remarks, go here.

Below is her speech as delivered:

Thank you, Madam, Speaker.

I am that woman, and I’m back to talk about Democratic double standards once again. Democrats love to jump on the Republican outrage train.

But when we see blatant anti-Semitism from one of their own, all you see are timid, fake, pandering, watered-down responses.

For those of you who struggle to keep up with the latest anti-Semitic rhetoric from a Democrat, I am referring to the Congresswoman from this Chamber comparing the US and Israel to REAL terrorist organizations.

The Speaker and her leadership team issued a weak, embarrassing, press release “thanking” her for her clarification and walking back her disgusting remarks. But of course, Democrats are not serious in disciplining anti-Semitism, or even anti-American remarks, within their ranks.

This photo of the Speaker smiling next to the Congresswoman from Minnesota was the cover of the March 2019 edition of Rolling Stone. This came after the Congresswoman from Minnesota had tweeted and then defended that “Israel has hypnotized the world” and implied that Jewish people were buying political support by tweeting “it’s all about the Benjamin’s baby.” The cover of the magazine says, “Women Shaping the Future: Nancy Pelosi and the New Voices of the House.” Is this really the voice of the Democratic Party, Madam Speaker?

Can you imagine the Democratic outrage if this were the Republican Leader and the Congresswoman from Georgia? There would be demands for resignations, and Republican office phones would be ringing off the hook from Left-wing activist.

I ask the Speaker, are you truly proud of this photo? I can’t wait to hear her answer. I just hope she won’t be as demeaning as last time she spoke about “this woman”

I yield back.